Predictive Marketing


Predictive Marketing techniques can be applied successfully across any industry. From financial services firms to non-profit institutions, organizations are successfully employing Predictive Marketing. If you have customers, you can benefit from Predictive Marketing.

Predictive Modeling

Predict future buying behavior using comprehensive statistical analysis of customer data and previous transaction history. Score names in customer and prospect databases for selection in marketing programs based on predicted ROI.

Email Campaign Optimization

Maximize response and revenue generated by email marketing through implementation of customized, multivariate experimental designs and a comprehensive tracking and measurement program.

Customer Profiling

Increase the cost effectiveness of your marketing campaign by using the profile of your current customers to identify high probability prospects. Use in combination with predictive modeling to maximize customer acquisition and lead generation.

Customer Value Analysis

Determine the lifetime value of a customer. Evaluate the success of your marketing programs not just in terms of the next sale, but in terms of the total revenue impact over future years. Target customers for loyalty programs, and at-risk customers for retention programs.

Segmentation Analysis

Identify groups of customers who have similar preferences and exhibit comparable buying behavior. Increase response by custom tailoring messages, offers, and promotions targeted at these distinct groups of customers and prospects.

Market Basket Analysis

Discover which groups of products are typically purchased together. Develop appropriate strategies for cross-selling and upgrading customers, pricing and packaging strategies, and product placement strategies.

Research Design and Analysis

Develop research to determine customer buying preferences, attitudes, and perceptions; augment demographic profile; evaluate potential for market segmentation. Analyze results for use in future marketing campaigns.

Marketing Audit

Full evaluation of marketing programs. Includes analysis and assessment of budget allocation, marketing promotions, marketing communications, web site, product, pricing, distribution channels, and competitive analysis.

Database Audit

Evaluate accuracy and completeness of information in database, information contained in database, and design of database. Create plan for enhancements and ongoing maintenance.

Predictive Marketing Applications for Every Industry

Here are just a few examples of the many applications of Predictive Marketing.

Industry Application
Financial Services Cross-selling products to existing customers.
Non-Profit Institution Custom tailor messages to market segments to increase fund raising contributions.
Market Research Reports Optimize sales revenue through email campaign.
Publishing Position publication to maximize sales to advertisers.
On-line catalogs Identify the price that will maximize yield, or profit.
Events Identify customers with the greatest profit potential; increase likelihood that they will want the product or service offering; retain their loyalty.
Software Successfully target audience for new product launch.

Predictive Marketing